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All orders must accompany a 50% deposit within two weeks of delivery


All orders come individually wrapped in a cellophane bag with a twist tie

             1- dozen (basic cookie design)               $40.00   

                            ( 4 different cookie cutters and 3 colors)

             1st Dozen 40.00 every dozen afterward 37.00


   Assorted Elaborate Design/Character Cookies    $45.00 per dozen

                             accent pieces with fondant included

               1st assorted dozen 45.00 every dozen afterward $40.00



Edible Images

Add an image to a cookie and make it an edible image 

       1 cookie/ $3.00      

 6 cookie/ $15.00


Cookie Bouquets/Box

              Sweet Mixin -6 cookies               $35.00

              Sweeter Mixin - 9 cookies            $40.00


All cookie bouquets come with cookies on a stick or in a color specialty box. 


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels or Oreos

$37.00 per dozen (assorted decoration)



           Candy Apples (basic design)      $5.00 per apple   

           Specialty decorated              $7.00 per apple

                          (minimum order 1 dozen) 


       Chocolate covered apples (basic design)  $6.50 per apple 

           Specialty decorated               $8.00 per apple

(minimum order of 6 chocolate apples)


Chocolate dipped Rice Krispy Treats (square shape)

$37.00 per dozen chocolate covered and design


Special Character Rice Krispy Treats and Sicles (Minimum order 6)

$7.00 per treat


Cake Pops (basic flavor chocolate)

$36.00 per dozen (basic sprinkles-no design)

$42.00 per dozen-with design


Cocoa Bombs

$6.00 per bomb 

Milk Chocolate Cocoa Bomb

Strawberry Cocoa Bomb

Peppermint Cocoa Bomb

Caramel Cocoa Bomb

Irish Cream Cocoa Bomb



Highlighter Dust or paint add $3.50 per dozen(silver or gold)

*this product comes with a disclaminer






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